Friday, November 14, 2008


Here are some suggestions for reading programs (and other formal languages). First, remember that formal languages are much more dense than natural languages, so it takes longer to read them. Also, the structure is very important, so it is usually not a good idea to read from top to bottom, left to right. Instead, learn to parse the program in your head, identifying the tokens and interpreting the structure. Finally, the details matter. Little things like spelling errors and bad punctuation, which you can get away with in natural languages, can make a big difference in a formal language.
Natural languages: English, French etc. Formal languages: C, python, java etc.

From "how to think like computer scientist - python"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Funny pattern recognition

I saw the image of Earth and I could see a pattern, the face of a beard man(someone like Leonardo Davinci's face).
Have a look and see if you are able to identify the pattern in the image.

I got the picture from

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Some books are to be tasted,
others to be swallowed,
and some few to be chewed and digested.
--Sir Francis Bacon

Books Not worth its weight
The creative guide to research : how to find what you need-- online or offline
Who moved my cheese - (Book in one sentence, be prepared for the change

Could not understand the heck of it

OK kind of Books
Three magic letters : getting to Ph.D

Sites you could get the Free books

There are numerous ways you can get the books from internet. I do not want to mention the sites. I can guide you to learn how to find it. Read, experiment, practice the ways of effective searching. It rewards you in multitudes.

There are different arguments in regard to ethics for getting books from internet. If you use just for reading and enriching your knowledge and not sharing the books for your own benefits, I feel it is ok to get them from there and read it. Because if all the inventors come back now and ask royalty for the products we use that were invented by them, we cannot live now. Simple example, papers, printing press, bulbs,
shortly the knowledge of our elders.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Little about Search Engine

Google Searching Techniques
BasicsTechniques Advanced Techniques

Common Search Engines

Meta Search Engines


Books for Effective searching

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

AirLines Tickets Deals

How to get Cheap Flight tickets

Are you looking for better Airline price deals?.

If you are ready to put in little bit of your time, you are sure of saving your money.

Let us understand some basics of airline ticket prices.
Every airline though is regulated by Government bodies or agencies, need not, cannot and will not have fixed air ticket prices for the various economic reasons. They can increase or decrease the fare at any time on their own. They need not tell what was the price earlier or what would be the price in the future.

It is better to avoid traveling after the noon till night of Fridays and similarly it is wiser to avoid the traveling through flights on Monday mornings. This holds good especially in America. Reason: Most of the people work at different locations from their hometown and therefore would be traveling every week to and from their work place to hometown in these days. So, the prices for a person who is not traveling quite often will be charged higher. Note that, most of the people who travel regularly through a specific airline would have registered or booked them with the airline will have a corporate/personal deal to get a lesser fare as they travel regularly.

Some of the International flights do charge weekend surcharge(an additional cost or charge) for the above weekend days(Fridays and Mondays).

There are meta search engines which get the airfares from different airlines on regular basis and show them on their sites. These prices are based on the current availability of seats as well as the current demand for the seat in the market. Meaning, for special days/events like Olympic or thanksgiving or Superbowl or Christmas etc the prices of the tickets will be higher(unless some airline specifically puts reduced fare). Reason, there would be high demand for every seat on the plane.

Another important criteria to get lower prices is the number of days between day of booking of seats and the departure date. Usually, if the number of days between the two is larger we can get lower priced fare. Reason, the airline is pretty much such of the seat bought well in advance.

Little bit of the other side is; sometimes the last minute deals will be much cheaper. Reason; Some of the bookings might have got canceled (by the person who booked/bought the ticket). Airlines usually sells those tickets for a very lower price so that instead of flight being flown with the empty seat, flying with the less fare is always economical as not much extra cost is required to fly the flight with the new person being accomodated in the empty seat.

Most importantly, the airlines provide better prices if it is a roundtrip (going and coming back with the same airlines). This does not hold good some times. Because the airlines might have only seat vacant one way. In such cases, looking for some other airlines for returning back would be cost economical.

Another important criteria to get lower prices is booking the air tickets/seats in group(if many people are travelling together). For this usually prices are reduced.

Some Airlines are usually costly most of the time. Surprisingly, they do sell the tickets for a price much lesser than the prices which are offered by usual low cost airliners.

Most of the tickets are sold through booking agents. Slowly this trend is changing as the Airlines are trying to avoid the commission being paid to the agents for every ticket/seat sold by them. So almost all of the airlines have their own sites from where we can get the seat availability and the fare for it.

Some times the agents provide good deals which are not available in the sites. Reason; since the agents are getting good business to every airlines, the airlines provide good deals to them so as to attract more seats being sold through them.

It is not the case always. Some times the sites provide better prices. Reason; the airlines system is so complex and updating the fare through all the available means(like website, agents, meta search engines) is not highly co-ordinated. So, the meta search engines/the airline sites provide better deals.

Some of the sites which would help to get better prices are American Airlines, British Airways, Continental, northwest airlines, SouthWest Airlines, United Airlines etc.

Some of the meta search engines which gather prices from various airlines based on availability are expedia, kayak, priceline, cheapoair, cheap tickets, bestfares, orbitz, travelocity, cheapflights etc.

There are no hard and fast rules. Some of the above will work mostly fine but at times might work reversely. But knowing these things would help you to getting well equipped to get the lower airfare.

Hope this helps.

If someone gets better ideas, please let me know and I will update this based on that.